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History lesson –Bathrooms

As recent as the early 1900’s, when it was time for a bath, a large tub was placed in the kitchen or in out an outbuilding and manually filled with water heated on a wood stove.  It was common for the family to share the water one after another.  The toilet could be found outside and down a path that needed to be cleared of snow in the winter and was not heated or air-conditioned….nor was it bug free.  We are fortunate to live in a time when we get to enjoy multiple bathrooms with the conveniences of running water and sewers. 

Home Value

An amazing bathroom is a great way to make your home more valuable.  If selling your home is something you’d consider, a great bathroom is key.  Home buyers will typically look for multiple bathrooms conveniently located throughout the home (think master suites and main floor.)

How We Help You Envision Your New Bathroom

The first time we talk, we will want to hear about what you want from your Bathroom.  We invite you to talk about the big picture of how you’d like your home to look, function and feel.  Perhaps you need to add a bathroom to a 3rdfloor or lower level where one didn’t exist prior. Or maybe the guest bathroom on the main floor needs an update. We’d be glad to hear about whatever you have in mind.

Our extensive experience with bathrooms of all sizes and levels of luxury will come to bear as we move through process.  We’re accustomed to working with a wide spectrum of budgets and will make sure to offer recommendations that fit yours.

We are licensed and insured as are all of our contractors.  We care about the details and will demonstrate that every step of the way.

We understand the iportance of knowing what to expect during your remodel.  We always take care to keep the worksite as clean as possible and take measures to protect the rest of the house.  For example, as typical during most of our remodels, our crew will wear protective covers on their shoes when necessary and erect removable walls to control in dust. 

When Your bathroom is Done

It’s common that people wonder why they waited so long to finally add a bathroom or update the 1950’s pink toilet.  You’ll love to experience the updated height and pressure adjustable shower head with a luxury steam feature.  Perhaps adding updated tile, with a new shower surround and modern sink was what you needed to enjoy the space while getting ready for the day. 

How to Take the Next step

Please reach out via the e-mail or call us directly at the number below.  We’re always happy to hear from you.  Consultations are complimentary and we’ll schedule at a time that’s convenient for you.