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Refined Homes is a remodeling company with and expertise in bathrooms, kitchens, upper/lower level build-outs and other large home remodel projects. Whether you want to create more space for a growing family or are looking to update and remodel your home, we are here to help. We’ll work closely with you upfront and throughout the whole process to learn about how you want to live in your home. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and work with trade partners who are closely aligned with our mission to create outstanding quality projects. Let us help you turn your current house into your dream home.

Take it from People Who Have
Already Imagined Their Homes

Young couple wanted a new deck to expand the entertaining area of their home. The owner is a police officer and did not want an additional entry into the home so, per the customer's request, there are not steps leading to the 2nd level deck. Premium upgrades were used on the deck railing to increase the beauty and ensure long-lasting durability.  

Newly married couple wanted an updated kitchen to better fit the needs of a blended family. During the project design stages, they both included ‘must haves.’ He wanted to ensure plenty of area in the dining room and walk ways. She wanted a place for all her favorite kitchen appliances and, most importantly, a high quality beautiful kitchen with full extension and soft close drawers for an additional touch of luxury.

Newly married couple expecting their 1st child were looking to have an open floor plan with a kitchen that became part of a great room. The existing area was small and felt claustrophic. By opening the wall and extending a countertop for additional seating, kitchen became a center point for the new family to gather and host company. Luxury upgrades such as adding a 2nd sink, heated floor and granite countertops create a luxury kitchen they’ll enjoy for years to come.

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