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Kitchen Remodeling & Additions

History lesson

Back when households had 1 phone with a cord attached to the wall it was located in the kitchen.  Throughout time the kitchen is heart of the home where families connect and memories are made.  Think back further, even before phones were located in the kitchen. They started as fire pits outside the home, then moved inside to isolated rooms typically in the back of the home surrounded by confining walls.  Now we spend a large majority of our family time in the kitchen in open spaces. 

At study by market research institute GFK found that in the USA, we spend 5.9 hours per week cooking. Kitchens have emerged as the center point of the home where congregate, socialize, bond, connect, eat….and cook.  Have you ever heard someone say “the party always ends up in the kitchen?”

Home Value

An amazing kitchen is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more valuable.  If selling your home is something you’d ever consider, a great kitchen is paramount.

How We Help You Envision Your New Kitchen

The first time we talk it will be all about what you want from your kitchen.  We invite you to talk about the big picture of how you’d like your home to look, function and feel. For example, if that wall was taken out, perhaps you’d feel better in your kitchen because now you can see through to other areas of the house.  If you had a gas cook top versus an electric, maybe you’d be able to cook with the accuracy you’ve always wanted.  We want to hear about all your thoughts and questions. 

Our extensive experience with kitchens of all sizes and levels of luxury will come to bear as we move through process.  We’re accustomed to working with a wide spectrum of budgets and will make sure to offer recommendations that fit yours.
We are licensed and insured as are all of our contractors.  We care about the details and will demonstrate that every step of the way.
We understand the importance of knowing what to expect during your remodel.  We always take care to keep the work site as clean as possible every day and take measures to protect the rest of the house.  For example, as typical during most of our remodels, our crew will wear protective covers on their shoes when necessary and erect removable walls to control dust.  When feasible, we’ll provide small appliances such as a hot plate or a counter top oven for and additional cooking options. We strive to reduce the disruption to your daily life as much as possible.

When Your Kitchen is Done

It’s common that people wonder why they waited so long to finally get the kitchen they’ve been dreaming of.  They tell us stories of what parties they’re going to host and food they’ll serve.  They’re excited about the healthy meals they’ll cook in the new double wall oven and the leftovers that will fill up the new upgraded refrigerator with drawers.  They can’t wait to use their new energy saving dishwasher with 2 areas for washing smaller loads more often rather than waiting to fill the entire space.  And when your friends and family tell you how much they love it, please refer them to Refined Homes.  We’d love to see them enjoy their kitchen too.

How to Take the Next step

Please reach out via the e-mail or call us directly at the number below.  We’re always happy to hear from you.  Consultations are complimentary and we’ll schedule for a time that’s convenient with your schedule.