The Refined Approach

After 21 years of building and remodeling, we’ve developed The Refined Approach to ensure the best possible discovery, design, and construction for each unique project. Building or remodeling a home can be a life-changing event. By separating building and remodeling projects into a three-phased multi-step process, we can deliver the best possible outcome while considering life’s needs and uncertainties.



Step 1 Contact Form

Do you love what you see on and want to get started on a build or remodel project? Head to Our Contact Page and fill out the contact form. Tell us what type of build or remodel you have in mind and the stage you are in the process, and provide three 1-hour timeslots to schedule an introductory phone call. Tricia will reply with a scheduled time and a build-remodel checklist for the call.


Step 2 Introductory Phone Call

Let’s keep getting to know one another. During this 1-hour phone call, Refined Homes gathers information about your wants, needs, and resources for this build or remodel project. We want to know everything you already know about it:

  • The general idea of the project scope
  • The soft budget
  • Your desired timing
  • Considerations for living modifications or relocation during construction

Step 3 Preview Meeting

We’ll meet at your home during this final step of the discovery phase. At no cost to you, Tricia and Ian will walk and talk through how you’d like to live in your new space after the build or remodel is complete. As we walk through, we’ll confirm the wants and needs we collected in the first two engagements while discussing the build or remodel’s feasibility. At the end of the preview meeting, we’ll discuss two things:

  • Based on the walkthrough, project scope, and feasibility, Refined Homes will provide build or remodel concept suggestions based on the initial soft budget. 
  • We’ll review a design agreement after verbal commitment to a build or remodel concept and soft budget.

Design Agreement: This two-page agreement simply confirms we are working together. It describes the scope of the following design phase: you’ll meet with a designer, the designer will develop build or remodel concepts, you’ll get to make some revisions, and the output is a design and an actual budget. We must complete these design steps before construction on your build or remodel. A complete design provides you peace of mind during construction while keeping the build on schedule.

Design & Refine PHASE


Step 4 Design

Through the discovery phase, we’ve listened to your thoughts and inspirations for your project and discussed “what” your desired build or remodel project is and its feasibility. Even though the final output of the design phase is form-focused, like a floorplan, elevation, and rendering, the design phase also focuses on the function of your build or remodel. With function comes the genuine refinements and modern conveniences Refined Homes delivers. During the design phase, we’ll ask, “Why did you decide to do this build or remodel now?” and “How do you want to live in the house?” Our collaboration throughout the design process is the most effective way to build a new space precisely how you want it.

Have your children grown to teens, and you’ve decided to stay in your home but need a little more function? Do you want to entertain 20-person dinner parties? Have you aged and decided to move your suite to the home’s main level? Let’s collaborate, and we’ll use our expertise to refine your space to meet the needs of your (changing) life.


Step 5 Final Selections & Refinements

During this last design step, we aim to finalize the design and select everything that’s part of the building process. While we’ve agreed on a plan and budget, we’ll discuss the final mechanical needs, windows, fixtures, countertops, sinks, and all the fun stuff! We’ll discuss everything that’s included in the base budget. And any opportunities for refinements to accommodate future living needs or desired upgrades.

Completing the design phase provides everything needed to begin the construction contract agreement. Since the final details are decided before construction, Refined Homes is accountable for delivering an accurate construction contract agreement and schedule. Then you can have peace of mind during the build phase.

Construction contract agreement: A construction contract agreement outlines the scope and work terms for a construction project. It is an agreement between the contractor completing construction and the person or company who hires them to do the work.

Construction PHASE


Step 6 The Build

The Build: Now, you sit back and watch us and our local tradespeople do the work. You’ll receive a construction calendar. If desired, we’ll discuss any routine updates you like: weekly texts, phone calls, emails, or conversations.
We’ll continue collaboration on any opportunities that arise. Tile patterns, caulk or grout colors, directions of floorboards—nothing too stressful!

Refined Homes takes pride in delivering your finished project on time. Before construction, we discuss feasibility, assessments, design, and function so we remain accountable to the final step’s deadline.


Step 7 Completion & Walkthrough

Completion and walkthrough: Let’s walk through together and enjoy your fabulous build. Each finished project is unique, and we’ll provide instructions, tips, or recommendations for living in your newly finished space.

Within a year of completion, Refined Homes contacts clients to ensure they’re using the space as intended and to receive feedback on the final deliverable and process.


We ensure perfection in every detail for each build and remodel 

Ian and Tricia are humbled to be recognized by their peers with these awards:



Refined Homes takes pride in process, meticulous attention to detail, and working with trade partners who are closely aligned with our mission to make building your dream home exciting and rewarding. Let’s Build Yours 

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Our award-winning team works closely with you throughout the whole process to learn about your home’s story and your dreams for remodeling. See Remodels

Just ask our clients about our Refined Approach:

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I really appreciated the additional time I was given to evolve through the process. Input along the way brought me to the best possible outcome.

-Customer Feedback via Survey Monkey

Excellent service! I loved being able to discuss large and small projects for my home for different options. Exceptional quality of work. I hired Refined Homes at least 3 times each year over a 5 year period and was extremely pleased with the work, outcome and communication. If you have a home project, please call Refined Homes! You will not be disappointed!

-Anna R., Bloomington, MN 

Everything went great and we appreciate the personal attention and commitment to the agreed upon timeline. Our kitchen update looks fantastic.

-Customer Feedback via Survey Monkey

We have nothing but great things to say! We hired Refined Homes to do a complete basement overhaul and are so happy with the outcome! We had a unique structural component that we debated about dealing with due to cost. But we are so happy we went for it, adding an entire bedroom with a closet and egress window. Our home feels so much bigger with the finished space. The work quality is fantastic! Ian and Tricia were true professionals throughout the entire process and the nicest people to work with. All of the subcontracts they used were just as great. They did a great job cleaning up after their day; we always knew where things were at with orders and timelines, and they were quick to respond and explain any questions we had. You will not be disappointed with Refined Homes!

Not only were the contractors respectful and courteous, all of the subcontractors were as well. If I had more projects, I'd hire them again in a heartbeat.

-Customer Feedback via Survey Monkey

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