Collaboration Designed To Suit Your Needs

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At Refined Homes, we understand that every home tells a unique story. We aim to enhance these stories by seamlessly integrating modern conveniences into older homes while preserving their integrity, craftsmanship, and character. As a premier home remodeler and custom home builder, we take pride in creating spaces that reflect each family's individuality.

A Collaborative Design Process

Designing a project that suits you and your family's personality is a collaborative effort between you and the Refined Homes team. During the design stage, you'll spend time with our designer developing the style of your new space. We'll discuss options like matching the era of your home or contrasting it with a modern kitchen in a 1920s home. Suppose you prefer clean lines for a more contemporary look. In that case, we'll head in that direction with our custom kitchen design and remodeling in St. Paul services. Once we clearly understand your style preferences, we'll gather specific selections for you to approve.

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Tailored to YOUR lifestyle

Every family has a unique approach to making decisions, and we consider it our job to have a process that can adjust and accommodate your style. Most families have a primary cook who typically leads the kitchen's decisions. In a recent project, the primary cook made all the tile, flooring, and countertop selections. At the same time, her partner focused more on automation, security systems, and garage features. This division of interests is common, and we respect and adapt to it, ensuring both parties are satisfied with the outcome. Our approach to family-friendly home remodeling in St. Paul ensures that the needs and preferences of every family member are considered.

For example, if the primary cook is left-handed, we might place the drain, soap dispenser, and dishwasher on the left side for ease of use. Every detail, from the placement of the tiles to the color of the grout and the edging, is meticulously planned. All you have to do is say yes or no to our proposals, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Elevations & Mood boards

To help visualize your new space, we create mood boards and elevations for you to approve. These tools provide a clear picture of how different elements will come together, ensuring that everything has a place and is planned for. We aim to ensure that every detail is perfect before construction begins, whether for luxury bathroom renovations in St. Paul or eco-friendly home renovations in St. Paul.

Mood board for bathroom below


Mood board for family room below


On-site & Showroom reviews

We bring samples to your home for remodel projects, allowing you to see how the colors will look from early morning sun to evening sunset. This hands-on approach ensures that you are delighted with your choices in the context of your home's natural lighting. We review all samples in our office or showroom for new home construction, providing a comprehensive view of the materials and finishes.

Custom build or Remodel showroom review

Reflecting Your Life

Every day, when you walk into your new spaces, we want them to reflect your life and evoke the feeling of calm, energy, and focus—whatever you desire. Our meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure that your new home meets and exceeds your expectations, creating an environment that truly feels like home. This is part of our personalized home-building experience in St. Paul.


At Refined Homes, we believe in creating spaces as unique as the families living in them. Our collaborative design process, tailored approach, and meticulous planning ensure that every project we undertake genuinely reflects our clients' personalities and lifestyles. Let us help you bring modern conveniences to your traditional home in St. Paul while preserving its integrity and character. Together, we can create a space that tells your story.


We adhere to universal design standards in home remodeling, ensuring accessibility and functionality for all. As an award-winning ADU builder in St. Paul, we know the importance of creating accessory dwelling units that add value and flexibility to your property. With our expertise in remodeling older homes in St. Paul, we remain a craftsmanship-driven remodeling company dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

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