How do you use your kitchen and what would make it measurably better for the way you cook, entertain and just plain live? Astute designers will gather insights and suggest solutions. However, they should have a close relationship with your chosen contractors to ensure their concepts are reasonable to build and suit your budget.

Start with enough. Is your kitchen big enough, open enough, safe enough?  Enough accessible storage space and work surfaces? Enough cooking and refrigeration capacity? Enough light where your hands work? Enough year-round ventilation to expel moisture from boiling pasta  or combustion gases from your range and oven? Enough seating?  Green enough in terms of energy and water conservation and durability?

An experienced kitchen designer will consider obstacles and see opportunities that you may not imagine to make the best use of whatever space you have and reflect your personal style.  Refined Homes often enlists award-winning designer Lisa Stoll to assist clients with space planning and selections.