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Refined Homes' 21 years of experience has culminated in The Refined Approach, which streamlines the building or remodeling process into three phases: Discovery, Design & Refine, and Construction. The approach ensures the best possible outcome by enhancing communication, tailoring the results to your needs and vision, and considering life's uncertainties.


The most important thing is how you want to live in your space. We ask carefully crafted questions: Have your children grown to teens, and you’ve decided to stay in your home but need a little more function? Do you want to entertain 20-person dinner parties? Have you aged and decided to move your suite to the home’s main level? With that knowledge, we offer visual representations and collaborate to meet your family’s goals.


Even though the design phase's final output is form-focused, such as a floorplan, elevation, and rendering, it also focuses on the function of your build or remodel.


Dimmable kitchen under-cabinet lights also make perfect night lights. They allow you to enjoy glimpses of your beautiful kitchen countertops and offer some cover while foraging for a 10 p.m. bowl of ice cream.


At Refined Homes, we believe function should never be compromised, so we offer a range of genuine refinements and modern conveniences to make your home both functional and stunning. Our designer will sit with you at the table, listen to your ideas and preferences, and mix and match color paint samples, tile, and flooring until we find the perfect combination that matches your unique style. Once you're happy with it all, we take care of everything else, so you can relax and enjoy watching your dream home come to life.


Each team member, including the homeowner, offers unique and essential expertise during the design process. Are you remodeling more than one room? We’ll guide you through decisions and recommend refinements throughout the home.

Layer 1

Bathroom After


Bathroom Before



Although most of the plan is in place before construction begins, we understand the importance of perfection. Final details like the exact shade of flooring or molding continuity throughout the home can arise during construction. Have peace of mind. We’ll discuss your options and deliver the details.


Shades and seams are essential in maintaining your home’s integrity.


No matter the size, perfection is critical at every step.


After 21 years of building and remodeling, we’ve developed The Refined Approach to ensure the best possible discovery, design, and construction for each unique project.

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